I am a theatre artist and an education consultant providing professional growth training, facilitating community-based projects using theatre arts to create dialogue in diversity and complexity.

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Forum Theatre Projects

Enhancing the Collaborative Experience: Using Forum Theatre to Rehearse Creative Strategies for Resolving Issues that arise during Arts Residencies

· With colleagues Megan Dodd, Kelly Bragdon, and Carrie Ellman-Larsen, developed an interactive Forum Theatre anti-model. As a Joker, facilitated the exploration of a teaching artist – classroom teacher collaboration during arts residencies.

· Presented the Forum Theatre piece at the following educational conferences:

Face to Face Conference – The Arts Education Roundtable, New York City, 2010

Theater in our Schools Conference, American Alliance for Theater in Education (AATE), New York City, 2010


Answer the Call, interactive theatre piece addressing negotiation, effective communication, and assertiveness skills in the workplace and beyond…, New York City, 2009, 2010
Created and presented Forum Theatre workshop to support job-readiness of the residents of Community Access, www.communityaccess.org, a community organization providing housing and job training for people with psychiatric disabilities


Beyond the Apple: 
Acting for Equitable and Inclusive Teaching Practice
I collaborated with Naomi Tessler, a fellow educational theatre colleague. We created a professional development workshop format for teachers and teacher candidates called Beyond the Apple: Acting for Equitable and Inclusive Teaching Practice, an experiential professional development workshop for teachers. Naomi and I co-facilitated this workshop and used the techniques from the Theatre of the Oppressed, such as Forum Theatre and Image Theatre as well as elements of Playback Theatre. Our workshop helped teachers to heighten their critical awareness of personal biases and inequities as well as discriminatory situations that are taking place in their workplace. We offered the workshop to Ontario school boards and school principals to suit their staff professional development needs. 

For teachers to be able to promote social change and work towards equitable classrooms and school environment, they first need to see themselves as agents of change.
Beyond the Apple offered strategies to directly assist teachers’ immediate experiences in their day-to-day school life. In addition to critically reflecting on their teaching practice, teachers were encouraged to contemplate how to improve communication with students, colleagues, and other constituents, and ameliorate their conflict resolution skills.

Our workshop merged the practices and theories of critical pedagogy, Theatre of the Oppressed, and performance. Our workshop greatly contributed to the quality of teachers’ professional development as it addressed the realistic challenges and relationships in multicultural classrooms and schools and aimed to equip teachers with the tools to actively create positive change.

This was my co-facilitator Naomi Tessler, M.A.
is a theatre artist and educator and a graduate of the Masters of Arts program in Educational Theatre for Colleges and Communities from New York University. Naomi has been working with communities globally for 7 years, using theatre-based workshops to inspire positive change. She currently works in Toronto, facilitating Branch Out Theatre Workshops with organizations and groups across the GTA. She is passionate about using theatre as a tool for encouraging self expression, self-confidence, community building environmental awareness, literacy, leadership, social justice and healing. She believes in uniting communities through theatre to build bridges towards personal and collective creative transformation.
To learn more about her professional practice and workshops, please visit: www.branchouttheatre.com


Written by Luciano Iogna and directed by Simon Malbogat

Frosh week + Mixed Company Theatre's show on sexual assault and rape = heated debate, profound discussions, and eagerness to come up on stage to try different solution and yearning for different outcomes for the main character.
University of Toronto, Scarborough campus residence orientation

I facilitated (Jokered) the forum theatre interventions and discussions with the first year students at Ryerson University and University of Toronto, Scarborough campus. As the story unfolded in front of the audience, I could see on their faces and body language how relate-able the story is to them and how they are drawn into it. The minute I opened up the forum, they were coming up with analysis of and reflections on the relationships in the story, the stereotypes, the male-dominant cultural implications, the peer pressure dynamics, the communication barriers, and other dynamics surrounding the theme of sexual assault and rape.
A spect-actor ready to come up on stage to share his idea

Un-picking the spect-actor's intervention and its impact

It was fantastic to sift through and reflect on the various suggestions and strategies of alternative solutions to the messy situation that the characters in the story found themselves in. The students were witty and open. May clear communication continue on this topic of profound urgency and importance.
Cast: Kim - Michelle Nash, Teesha - Julia Hunebrown, Eric - Youness Tahiri